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I got the first issue of Blank Spaces a couple of weeks ago & keep forgetting to email to say WOW gorgeous magazine! Congratulations ...and thank you for including me in the inaugural issue. Super duper job!—jannette, contributor

Hot damn. I absolutely love what you've done here! From layout to content, everything here is amazing! —hannibal, contributor

With a focus on all things creative, Blank Spaces will offer regular columns/features in the following categories:

flash fiction Short fiction - any topic, any genre (under 1000 words...ish...we're not going to be sticklers)
more than words  Photo essay   
food of love Fiction or nonfiction with a specific focus on music (up to 1800 words)
different strokes Art feature, artist interview  
make art not war  DIY feature 
story matters  The craft of writing, book releases or reviews
red solo cup Smaller pieces to fill the gaps. Poetry, micro-fiction, etc - be creative
shameless Creative non-fiction. Personal essay that delves into your own truth and experiences
(up to 1800 words)
between the lines author/artist spotlight (not open for submissions but contributors may be approached for an interview)


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