We LOVE getting mail—especially when it's saying nice things about Blank Spaces.

We're dedicating this page to those kind words.

Because nice things are meant to be shared!

"I got the first issue of Blank Spaces a couple of weeks ago & keep forgetting to email to say WOW gorgeous magazine! Congratulations ...and thank you for including me in the inaugural issue. Super duper job!" —jannette, contributor

"Hot damn. I absolutely love what you've done here! From layout to content, everything here is amazing!"
—hannibal, contributor

"Everyone is applauding and saying how beautiful it is, telling me how much they have enjoyed the content, and praising it immensely. One teenage friend purchased a copy for herself and has commented on how much she loves it! Knowing that she wishes to become a writer one day only adds to the beauty of it all. You, and those voices contained within your pages, have inspired others." —geraldine, contributor

"I purchased the September issue of Blank Spaces (and an extra one for our library); it is very impressive in design, content and layout. Congratulations!" —diane, reader

"Authenticity is a rare thing, and Blank Spaces is just overflowing with it!" —heidi, team member/reader

"I received both my print copy and the e copy yesterday. Just want to comment on what a lovely job you've done on the presentation. You should be very proud of your work. I'm happy to see my poems looking so good!" —merle, contributor

"A fantastic spot. Filled with creativity and encouragement." —nicole, contributor

"I have just received my hard copy of the Blank Spaces magazine. It is beyond beautiful. You must be very proud and I am proud to be part of it. Thank you." —sue, contributor

"I love your magazine and really appreciate you including my essay in December's edition." —ann, contributor

"I’ve read Issue 2 from cover to cover (as I did Issue 1). The layout and design is beautiful. I was happy to be included with the other outstanding contributors...Your editorial policy of including all visual and printed arts makes it even more attractive." —diane, contributor

"...thank you for helping me to achieve my writing goal this year - to have my first piece of writing published...I loved the magazine and so did my family (they received my print copy to their mailing address as I am overseas.) The layout of the magazine, how eclectic it is and how it showcases Canadian talent - everything was awesome!"
—amy, contributor

"Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL contrib copy--WOW--you guys did an awesome job! There are only an handful of magazines that have your design/paper/printing quality level. You are in a very elite group of high level magazines, and I know 'cause I work with so many of them."
—allen, contributor

"I just got the copy of your June issue of Blank Spaces. And it looks amazing. Well done! Us Canadians on the West Coast are so proud of you! Keep up the great, and might I add, very professional looking work. Full respect. I look forward to submitting to you again." —zlatko, contributor

"I'm loving the print copy of Blank Spaces. It's beautiful in so many ways - I love the paper, the layout, the colours, the other contributors' works. Thanks, again. I'm honoured to be a part of it." —tanya, contributor

"What a gorgeous magazine! I love the care and attention to detail, especially the colours, the high quality paper, the use of lines, and white space. The cover is beautiful and I particularly love all the swim art. A stunning achievement and an honour to be published here." —leslie, contributor

"Fabulous publication! Thank you again for including me in such a grand way.
And thank you for dedicating your time and energy to foster Canadian art. It needs to be done. Your contribution is so important." —vicki, contributor (featured artist)


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