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Self-funded since its inaugural issue in 2016, Blank Spaces has achieved a great deal without major outside investors. We're really proud of that. Now it's time to look ahead and talk about what it would take to see some real growth. While we have reached as far as the shores of Vancouver Island and the red sand beaches of P.E.I. we dream of saturating Canada with the words and art of its very talented and underappreciated creatives.

Important things to note:

  • It takes more than 90 unpaid hours to put each issue together.
  • Sales of the print magazine do not make any money. They merely (sometimes only mostly) cover the cost of printing and shipping.
  • Additional events like Word on the Street are paid for completely out-of-pocket, as are all office supplies and promotional materials.

After more than two years of carrying the weight ourselves, it's time to ask for your investment. If everyone who has ever had the pleasure of holding and enjoying a copy of Blank Spaces agreed to give just $2 a month, it could totally change our game. It would open doors that we couldn't afford to open before and it would allow us to share this project we believe in so strongly with a much wider audience.

Are you ready?

We would love if you would take the time to pop over to our PATRON page. There are various tiers of support to choose from. Don't want to commit to a month payment but still want to help? Just select the one time donation button at the checkout.


Heidi Eastman
Pamela Hopwood
Michelle McLaughlin
Amos Shelley

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the fine people who have made donations to Blank Spaces in the past. We have had a DONATIONS page up and running since the very beginning and we feel so blessed by the kind people who gave during our first two years. They helped cover some of the personal debt incurred throughout this project.

Special thanks to:

William F. Aicher
Sue Corke
Heidi Eastman
Bev Hopwood 
Pamela Hopwood 
Geraldine Mac Donald
Michelle McLaughlin 
Diane Palm
Candi Pardue
Janet Youngdahl


In September of 2016, the first issue of Blank Spaces was released.
They say 'fools rush in' and that may be true, but I say 'dreamers step out in faith' - and that's exactly what I did. In May of that same year, I published a 'Why Not' manifesto on my personal website where I cast my vision and called people to support the work I hoped to do through the production of a publication like Blank Spaces. My heart told me to create something that champions other creatives like me who felt stuck and unheard. I wanted to be the voice of the fearful, to coax out the closet writers, artists, dreamers, to build something from the ground up that would put a little beauty into the world.

The outpouring of support was tremendous and overwhelming. But it was not financial. I started Blank Spaces with $0 capital. Everything that went into getting it off the ground came from my own shallow pockets. As time went on, and the magazine proved its worth, a few people stepped forward with donations, and this certainly helped to off-set my personal costs. It hasn't been until the release of the second anniversary edition (our ninth issue!), that Blank Spaces actually paid for itself - meaning I didn't have to dip into my personal funds at all. What a victory!

So, this begs the question: what's next? I have maxed out what I can do on my own. Now that I'm no longer losing money (to be fair, I have yet to repay all the 'personal loss', though I'm considering that an investment in perpetuating the future of Canadian art and literature), I'm content to keep chugging along, doing what I've been doing, making a tiny dent in the lit world.

But, is just being content good enough?

Blank Spaces is my darling and part of me wants to hold it close and protect it from the big wide world, but why should I? It's not really mine. Not anymore. It's yours. Every one of you who have already invested by submitting, subscribing, and sharing on social media. It belongs to all of us and it deserves the attention of anyone who might benefit from its mission to champion the art of Canadian creatives.

So that brings us here. How do you grow a thing that's reached the max of one person's abilities?
You stand on a street corner, declare your goals, and hope someone drops a penny in your hat!
That's what I'm doing here. I'm asking for your partnership to help me see this thing to its fullest potential. Please take some time to look through the goals posted on the left. Each goal will get Blank Spaces closer to the wide reach it really deserves. Many hands make light work. You don't have to give a lot to change a lot. If you believe in me, if you believe in Blank Spaces, if you believe in the importance of supporting the arts in Canada, then please consider partnering with me on a monthly basis to help raise this baby up into a full sized change-making inspiration!

— Alanna Rusnak, Editor in Chief


Aren't ready to commit to a monthly donation but still want to help? That's great! Use the button below to make a one time donation of any amount. If you'd prefer to donate by cheque or EFT, please contact us at info@blankspaces.ca

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