When are issues published?
We are a quarterly publication, releasing new issues every September, December, March, and June.

Why is there a fee to submit?
Blank Spaces is a heart project and, though love is free, time is not. Hours are being poured into bringing you the very best Canadian talent and the small fee goes towards supporting that sacrifice. If we're willing to read your pieces, publish them, and register them with the Canadian Library & Archives, don't you think you could buy us a cup of coffee to ease the workload with the sweet joy of hot caffeine?

If I submit something do I lose my rights?
Absolutely not! By your submission you are giving us permission to share your published work in print, PDF form, online, and through our social media channels. You maintain all legal rights to your work and are free to do with it as you please; we will, however, keep a copy in our archives. As a courtesy, we request that you refrain from submitting your accepted work anywhere else until three months after the date of publication.
Do you accept previously published works?
We sure do, but please make sure you have acquired the proper permissions to submit your piece and please let us know when and where it was previously published-including such places as blogs and websites. We are not interested in acquiring rights and will not be held responsible if you do not do your due diligence.

Will you edit my submission?
It is our hope that you only submit your very best work. Please do your best to ensure it's free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Ultimately, we are about content - not perfection - so, if your work is strong we will overlook the little slips. In such a case we will do some light copy-editing or we may return your piece with edit requests. It is up to you to make the requested changes. If you feel they compromise the integrity of your piece, we understand but please note there will be no refund of your submission fee. It is never our intention to remove your voice from your own work and we will strive to work with you to ensure you put your best foot forward into print.

Why do you spell 'color' wrong?
Nothing against your methods BUT we are proudly Canadian. We happen to think the way we spell colour is absolutely lovely and we're not going to change it. You will also see such words as favourite, endeavour, and dialogue. We will not apologize for our love of u's, we will edit your submission to contain Canadian spelling, and we hope U love us for it!
I'm not Canadian, can I still submit?
Unfortunately no. Our vision is to curate content that is strictly Canadian and we want to honour that. (A Canadian is: a citizen or a Canadian citizen living abroad.) We are, however, open to articles we can post on our blog. The world is big and beautiful and we don't want to miss any of it. If you have content that would be valuable and relevant to a Canadian creative, send us an email with your pitch. (Yes, we realize our submission page states 'No Queries' but in this case we will make an exception.) Put BLOG POST PITCH + <article title> in your subject line so it's not overlooked. We do expect your pitch to fit into one of our regular categories so be sure you're familiar with the type of content we're looking for. We're specifically interested in articles that explore the art of writing/creating/designing; how to's and advice for chasing after your passion. Include a link to your own online space so we can get a sense of your style and voice if possible. You may send us a sample paragraph or two from your proposed article but please do not send it in its entirety unless we request it. Blog pitches do not require a submission fee (at this time).

How much will you pay me if my piece is published?
We really wish we could tell you that, once published in Blank Spaces, you'll be able to quit your day job. Unfortunately that is not the case. All publication expenses are paid out of our own pockets and though we do have dreams of someday being able to offer monetary compensation, at this time we are unable to do so. What we can offer is publication, official registration of your article in the Canadian Library & Archives, a complimentary annual digital subscription that begins with the issue your piece appears in, your name added to the list of contributors with a link to your website or place of choice (active for the life of the magazine), promotion of your article across all of our social media channels, and a possible invitation to appear in an Artist Spotlight on our blog.

Why don't you print in Canada?
We spent HOURS researching best options based on a long list of criteria that was really important to us. Our results landed us on partnering with an American company to produce the kind of product we wanted. While we regret that we are unable to print in Canada, we value the quality of our product more and are not willing to compromise. It is our hope that the time will come when a Canadian company can meet our criteria, at which point we will be thrilled to switch printing companies. (Let us know if you hear of a good option!) UPDATE: we've found a Canadian equivalent and so far it's working out really well!

Can I advertise through Blank Spaces?
You sure can! We offer a wide variety of advertising options between listings on our website and/or within the magazine. We welcome ads from anyone - business owners, event promoters, bloggers, etc - as long as they do not contradict the values and mission of Blank Spaces. Visit our ADVERTISE page to get all the information you need. 

Would you consider publishing an anthology?
We love that idea! AND WE ALREADY HAVE! In September 2017, we published our first anthology, Just Words Volune 1 which came out as the number one new release in Canada! We are planning to release a new anthology every year which contains all prose and poetry from the following year. 

Is there anything you won't publish?
Glad you asked! We want to reach a wide audience, from students testing the waters of their craft to retired adults who are veterans of a creative life. While we don't believe in censorship we feel it's important to be respectful. We will not publish erotica or anything of a gratuitous sexual nature, vulgarity, hate speech, or pieces with aggressive political agendas. We are open to faith-based pieces but are not interested in anything preachy.

What if I want to withdraw my submission?
Why in the world would you want to? It is our expectation that you only submit what you're willing to share with the world. If fear is holding you back, we get that BUT we will make it our missions to gently encourage you to face that fear and put your work out there. If you're withdrawing because your work has been accepted by a publisher who is taking over the rights, we get that too BUT we require six weeks notice before the expected Blank Spaces publication date. (i.e. if your work is accepted for a September issue, you must notify us via email by July 22) 

I love what you're doing! How can I get involved?
Oh, aren't you the sweetest?! There are a few ways you can help:

  1. Tell your friends! We are small and quiet and we want to be big and loud. Share us across your social media channels, ask to hang our poster (coming soon!) in your local library, holler from the rooftops. We love your voice - use it to bring us some attention!
  2. Submit your work! We will have nothing to publish if you don't submit, so polish that piece you've been sitting on, be brave, and send it along. We can't wait to read it!
  3. Become a silent partner. By donating to the good work of Blank Spaces you are telling the world that you believe in the power of Creative Living and that you support the endeavours of artists across Canada. (Learn how here
Help! I still have questions. What can I do?
No problem! Send us a quick little query and we'll do our best to answer your questions in a timely manner.


Thanks for visiting!

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