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by - Friday, February 14, 2020

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from the editor I’ve Got Big Dreams and I Cannot Lie

shamelessBlood Red by James Patterson examines the relationship between a son, a father, and a farm, touching on the sensitive issue of succession and the clash of family business versus personal pursuit.

— In 137 Steps, Lisa Alletson shares a vulnerable childhood memory of the time a stranger tried to coax her into his car on the streets of Johannesburg.

Christina Wiebe lives with chronic illness that usually keeps her housebound, but when the sun called her outside on International Woman’s Day, a walk took her to a nearby gift shop where she had an unexpectedly beautiful and profound encounter in Serendipity in Port Alberni.

red solo cup — In his poems The Chorus of Murder, The Innate Hackles Darkness Brings, and Here Am I, Andrew Lafleche blends social criticism and philosophical reflection into a remarkable trio.

Caitlin McKenzie brings a powerful feminine voice to her poems, 58, Sophia Tolstaya, Alma Reville, and Rachele Mussolini as she explores both the experience of being an aging woman and the reality of being cast in the shadow of an accomplished man.

— In Trophies, Transition, and In, Vivian Zenari invites us to join her in the forest as she takes us on a journey of beauty and appreciation.

flash fiction —  In this excerpt from her novel, Primrose Street, Marina L. Reed gives us Gouda, a visceral and honest snapshot from within a deli.

Two Against One by Melodie Corrigall explores the frustration and heartache one can experience when a loved one begins exhibiting troubling symptoms of age-related illness.

— In How I Left Mr. Spleen, Salvatore Difalco presents a surreal satire about an unhappy relationship.

different strokes — One look at Lisa Free’s work, It Begins With Water, and it’s easy to see how she is inspired by the shimmering St. Lawrence River, windswept island pines, and the movement found in nature. Her elegant tonal pallet is sure to instill a sense of peace and rest within you. 

food of loveRobert Chursinoff, former drummer for Canadian rock/indie pop duo, Tegan and Sara, shares his story of rock’n’roll, wanderlust, and a brother’s devastating choice, in his mini music memoire, Beats Per Minute.

more than words — In her photographic series, Soft Stories, Laura Jane Petelko explores “Furries” —a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics—and the result is startlingly beautiful.

fiction feature — In her short story, Seven Rinses, Tye Kraimer expertly captures the long tale of divorce, shown through the eyes of a young child.

story mattersAce Baker delivers a helpful writing lesson in The Power of Three.

make art not war — Writer and found-word artist Birdy Odell shares pieces from her haunting series, Once and Again, partnering abandoned photographs with poetry created from words and phrases snipped from an old book.

between the linesGail M. Murray brings us a review of Dear Evelyn by Giller Prize nominated British-Canadian author, Kathy Page.

write prompt challenge winner Rachel Freeman rose to the top with her entry, Exit Strategy, a story that “reaches into the core of our own fears, anxieties, and losses…marches over dead grass and takes us to greener pastures…guttural and uplifting…horrible yet beautiful.”

final word — Inspired by the loss of her father, Strand of Life, by Kimberly Losier reminds us of the fragility of our existence.

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