"Til Death Do Us Part" by Desiree Kendrick — Our June 2019 Gold Medal Winner

by - Friday, August 16, 2019

For the second time in a row, we are thrilled to announce that Desiree Kendrick has taken first place in the Write Prompt Contest posted in our June, 2019 issue!

Congratulations Desiree!

What the judges had to say:

“This approach was creative and offered a view into dream-like reality.”

“The creativity and playfulness of the language and imagery are obvious but, even better, the story is well-paced, controlled, and delivers on the promise of the first sentence.

“The struggles were visceral and palpable.”

Meet Desiree:

Desiree Kendrick is a graduate of The University of Alberta where she fused her Bachelor of Arts degree with a Project Management certificate. By day she’s an Event Planner. She is currently working on a novel. In March 2019, she was the winner of Blank Spaces flash fiction write prompt contest with her selection “I See You – Do You See Me.” Nod magazine also published “I Hate My Mother” in their 24th edition. She was a runner-up in the 2018 “Heritage Writing Competition,” with her article, “The Spirit of Apulia” (https://seniortravelexpert.com/.) The Preservation Foundation Inc. published her humorous travel account, “Making History – Ciao Italia” at www.storyhouse.org .

The photo prompt:

  the unedited story:

Til Death Do Us Part

by Desiree Kendrick

Under a woodland canopy, ladybug awe and dragonfly magic swarm. Birds chirp. Beauty nurtured. The bride sparkles like the jewel on her hand.

“I do,” she says, her lace gown dancing in the breeze. “I promise never-ending love. Wild flowers and a white picket fence will surround us. We’ll plant the seeds together,” she pledges, remembering the date when he arrived on her doorstep, his grandmother’s ring stashed in his pocket.

Joyous sentiments swirl. The Minister flattens his hand against his Bible. He raises a hand, shielding his eyes. She anticipates pine needles in her hair. No problem.

“In sickness and in health,” she repeats, ingesting sunshine and assuming happiness offers immunity from disease.

She hands the groom her handkerchief. He wipes sweat from his brow. Eyes glisten.

“I’ll be there when you need me,” she coos. “We’ll build our home together.”

She envisions family, cuddling and tucking little ones into bed. A balanced diet of work and play served, nourishing their minds and bodies.


“Me too,” the groom says, winking. “To have and to hold,” he professes, squeezing her hand. “I’ll build us a castle, dig a moat and we’ll reach for a diamond constellation.”

Gravel crunches beneath his feet. A dandelion carpet sways in the distance. Social weeds titter.

“We’ll pick the best view,” he declares.

Fear of heights squashed. He anticipates slashing through unruly vines. The wind blows hair in his eyes.

“We’ll climb two steps at a time,” he boasts.

Winding curves acknowledged. Challenges probable. He ignores his untied shoelace. Doesn’t look down. Skyward, billowy clouds are heavenly.

“For richer or poorer,” he says, smirking, and remembering his new job.

Ambition paves the road. Opportunities brush the horizon. Hills cast shadows. He’s steadfast. No wavering. Their honeymoon is the start of an adventure.


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