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by - Monday, July 08, 2019

One of our top goals at Blank Spaces is to build community, and part of building relationships is being face to face. Yes, we know many writers and artists are introverts and we know that introspective spirits birth amazing art, BUT we also know that putting yourself out there, warts and all, allows others to connect on a more personal level.

take head shot with iphone

We ask for a head shot to accompany everything we publish because we care about the person behind the keyboard (or the canvas or the lens). We want to introduce you to our readers as a person, not merely as words on a page. And while we understand — and completely empathize — with the artist's desire to hide behind their art, we believe in you enough to want to celebrate YOU with our readers.

https://hennebry.ca/headshotOver our last three years of publication we've seen our share of poorly executed head shots; and yes, we've had to ask some people to try again. We want to do our best to help you put your best foot forward, and we can't do that if you send us a photo that looks right up your nose or has a cat wrapped around your neck.

Because I'm not a photographer and won't begin to pretend to know what I'm talking about (though I do know a good shot when I see one), I've reached out to a photographer friend, Aidan Hennebry*, for some head shot advice and whoa, did he deliver! From tips and tricks to real examples, Aidan will walk you through getting the best head shot possible when all you have access to is the camera on your smart phone.


Be sure to pop over to his site and glean from his wisdom. You can follow Aidan on Instagram @hushhushphotofilm

Remember, you put your best foot forward when you send us your polished work for publication — so why not apply the same principle to the image of yourself you share with the world? Your face, your readers, and your art will thank you.

*You may remember Aidan and his wife Leanne from our December 2016 issue where we featured a spread of their gorgeous aerial shots of New York City.

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