Five Make the Shortlist for the June 2019 Writing Contest

by - Tuesday, July 16, 2019

We are so pleased to announce that five writers have made the shortlist for our June 2019 Write Prompt Challenge.  We try and choose images that can take authors in countless directions, and that's exactly what the image of an old bridge did. More than any time before, writers approached the provided image with wonderfully unique views that were clever and surprising.

Blank Spaces Write Prompt Challenge Shortlist

Congratulations to all the shortlisters — we wish you well as you go on to the final stage of judging! 

Kimberlee AshbyKIMBERLEE ASHBY | shortlisted for her story, 'Small Wonders'

Kimberlee Ashby lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and daughter. She is a graduate of the Creative Writing Program at York University in Toronto. She likes spending her free time reading, writing, playing tennis, and exploring Alberta’s Rockies. While she was an avid rock collector as a child, she never experienced the joy of finding a heart-shaped rock. Instead, she chose to live vicariously through the character in her story, “Small Wonders.”

Rachel FreemanRACHEL FREEMAN | shortlisted for her story, 'In the Thick of It'

Rachel Freeman lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her incredible husband, two fantastic children and a pair of strangely friendly cats. She is an aspiring author, avid reader and occasional poet. Creativity is a part of her every day and if music is playing, Rachel is singing along.

DESIREE KENDRICK | shortlisted for her story, 'Til Death Do Us Part'

Desiree KendrickA graduate of The University of Alberta Desiree fused her Bachelor of Arts degree with a Project Management certificate. By day she’s an Event Planner. She is currently working on a novel. In March 2019, she was the winner of Blank Spaces magazine’s flash fiction write prompt contest with her selection “I See You – Do You See Me.” Nod magazine also published “I Hate My Mother” in their 24th edition. She was a runner-up in the 2018 “Heritage Writing Competition,” with her article, “The Spirit of Apulia” (https://seniortravelexpert.com/.) The Preservation Foundation Inc. published her humourous travel account, “Making History – Ciao Italia” at www.storyhouse.org .

Birdy ODellBIRDY ODELL | shortlisted for her story, 'This is Where I Leave Her'

Birdy Odell is a Canadian writer and artist whose work reflects themes of loss, identity, childhood and death. Her work has appeared in various literary magazines including Nightingale and Sparrow and Barren Magazine.  

Andrea WahbeANDREA WAHBE | shortlisted for her story, 'Fergus and Marigold'

Andrea Wahbe has been writing non-fiction stories and content for technology companies and blogs since 2011. Earlier this year, she challenged herself to try writing fiction. This is one of her first short stories. Andrea lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and two children.

These five entries will be sent out to our panel of judges who rate each story based on its own merit. [See a breakdown of what the judges look for here.] Winners will be announced at the beginning of August - with first place being published in the September 2019 issue of Blank Spaces. Pre-order your copy here.

If you'd like to enter one of our Write Prompt Challenges, pop over to our contest page to learn more.

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