Last Chance to sign up for our Summer Writing Retreat

by - Wednesday, April 24, 2019

It's crunch time! If you're on the fence about this writing retreat, consider this a little push to make a decision. We're nearing the time when we have to decide to go ahead or to cancel - and we don't want to cancel!


  1. Do you need a little fire lit under you to help you focus on the projects that matter to you?
  2. Does the thought of a weekend surrounded by fellow creatives warm your heart?
  3. Would you enjoy someone else cooking for you so you can give all your attention to your writing?

Yes? Then sign up! If you want to write, it's important to understand that investing in yourself and your craft is a powerful way to boost your trajectory! Why? Because YOU'RE WORTH IT!

We have a big chunk of change invested in holding this gorgeous location, and because we don't have cash to throw around we have to make a final decision before we lose our substantial deposit! We are going to keep this event active until May 6. Do not wait if you're planning to register! (You will save 20% if you sign up by April 30!)

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