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by - Monday, February 04, 2019

The complete Table of Contents for our March 2019 issue

Blank Spaces March 2019 issue

from the editor On the Passionate Pursuit of our Values and How That Will Shape Our Future

shamelessHometown by Rachel Freeman brings poetic verse and creative non-fiction together in this critical review of the place where she grew up.  
The Insolvency of Starlight by Roq Gareau takes us on a journey of self-discovery and healing, unveiling the dangers of projecting an unlived life onto another, and the strength that can be gained when we embrace our brokenness and allow it to become our beauty and our medicine.
This Man by Nicole Schroeder recounts a mother’s fear and frustration when a child falls ill.

flash fiction A Luna Moth by Jennifer Turney examines a life-changing decision and the signs that encouraged the choice, reminding us that sometimes, we don’t know we’re longing for a different life until we arrive.
— In her brief piece, Nighwalking, Meaghan Hackinen shares poetic reflections captured during a stroll around Saskatoon.
Summer by Hina Rani is a short scene that is anything but simple, capturing in its few paragraphs confusion, tarot cards, summer thunderstorms, and love.

red solo cupIsobel Orfi was inspired by the #MeToo movement to share the struggle of a young co-ed and her inappropriate relationship with a professor in her prose piece, Telescopes.
— Though melancholy and searching, Erin Alladin’s words also breath a lovely breath of romance onto the page. See for yourself in her poems, The Bus North, Canadian Shield, Cycle, and The Winter and I
— In her poem, Sunday Morning 9 A.M., Sheri Singleton observes a young woman dealing with her father’s mental illness.
— In her time as a student at the University of Toronto, Corals Zheng has noticed a phenomenon of banana peels littering the streets, inspiring her prose piece, Eulogy to that Frozen Banana.

different strokesInner Spaces with Irit Epstein (cover artist) showcases a body of work that is an introspective diary; a reflection of the continuing journey within herself. Epstein carries on a continuous dialogue with her changing environment, responding through symbolic imagery, creating a mysterious, lush world upon the canvas.

fiction featureMichael Foy explores the curiosity of childhood and the burdens of a corrections officer in his story, All The Little Things, as a father is forced to see his role on an execution team through the eyes of his seven -year-old son.

more than words — In her photography collection, Enfouissement, Kamille Cyr explores themes which touch on a variety of issues, including over-consumption and the impact that has on our environment.

make art not war —Toronto artist, Rob Croxford, spreads joy with his playful Mixed Messages series. With a whimsical touch and retro vibe, his work is sure to spark a smile.

between the lines Gail M. Murray shares her reflections on Our Canada, Our Country, Our Stories, an anthology of powerful Canadian voices.

write prompt challenge winner I See You—Do You See Me? by Desiree Kendrick impressed our judges by capturing the wonder of people-watching and the human tendency to place judgement on strangers we encounter in our day-to-day life. 

final wordPorch Sessions by Jacalyn den Haan explores aging while describing a sunset through the lens of climate change. Haan’s story seeks to bridge the gap between climate science and the story of our changing world by addressing the deeply personal nature of the impact of climate change.

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