Retreat With Us - A Guide To At-Home Retreats

by - Thursday, February 14, 2019

We are thrilled that we're going to have five women sharing creative space this weekend along the shores of Lake Huron, and we're so thankful people are taking a chance on us by coming to our first ever retreat. We are so excited and can't wait for the good work that's going to happen.

Because we are keeping things small (and have limited it to women only) we know there are a lot of you who wanted to come, but just couldn't make it work. Don't fret! We're giving you permission right now to retreat with us from the comfort of your own home!

Though it's wonderful to get out of your own space and enter into a place dedicated to creative pursuits, there's no reason you can't be hugely productive by staying put.

How to have a creative retreat at home.

  1. Claim a space: If you don't have a dedicated office or studio space, claim somewhere else within your home as your retreat location. Unless your family is away, a room with a door is best. It's important you protect yourself from interruptions as much as possible.
  2. Make your intentions known: Announce to everyone who shares your home that you plan to focus on your creative project. Ask that they respect your space and time. Let friends and family know that you may not be answering the phone or responding to texts and emails.
  3. Ignore everything else: The biggest hindrance of an at-home retreat is the abundance of distractions. There is laundry and dishes and children and partners and Twitter and Netflix; the list goes on and on. When you leave your home, it's easy to push such responsibilities out of your mind, but when you're there among those things, it's easy to use them as excuses. This underlines the importance of a room with a door!
  4. Be realistic: Maybe you can't set aside the full 48 hours we're enjoying at the lake. That's okay! Decide what will work best for you. Even if it's just three uninterrupted hours, that's three hours you can focus on your goals. Maybe it simply means forgoing your normal evening routine of sipping a glass of wine while you catch up on everything you PVRed throughout the week and dedicating that time to your creative pursuits instead. Rest easy - you can still bring the wine! 🥂
  5. Set goals: What are you hoping to accomplish? Write in down and keep it in front of you. Put a sticky note on the wall in front of you and let it be your motivator!
  6. Dig in: Make it happen! Take breaks when you need to, but remember your goals and push yourself to see it through. Remember, you deserve this time to invest in yourself. Make it count!

If you're planning to work along with us, we'd love to see your space. Share your experience/process on social media and tag us (@blankspacesmag) &/or hashtag it #BlankSpacesRetreat so we can encourage you!

Happy Creating! Maybe you'll even come up with something that will someday grace the pages of Blank Spaces.

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