First Retreat Reflections

by - Monday, February 25, 2019

Our first baby steps into the world of event hosting were taken last weekend at a small cottage in Inverhuron, right along the banks of Lake Huron where the waves had frozen so high we couldn't see the horizon. It was a calm, peaceful setting, perfectly conducive to productivity.

The beautiful thing about a self-guided retreat is the freedom to focus on your work with no obligation to anything else. The only expectation was to gather as a group each evening for a family-style dinner around the dining table. This gave everyone a nice break from their work and allowed everyone to share about their projects.

Though we had room for six women, five seemed a perfect number as everyone was able to find comfortable space to work without intruding on anyone else's elbow room. Everyone was able to focus, with the occasional distraction of a coyote walking across the frozen lake (when everyone would run to the window to catch a glimpse), or the evening break when we'd slip down to the edge of the lake to watch the sunset over the frozen landscape.

 It's a powerful thing to share creative space with others passionate enough to spend a weekend pouring into their projects. It was also very affirming of the position that Blank Spaces can be more than just a publication, it can be a facilitator of events that feed creative minds.

Needless to say, we are inspired to push on to something new. While we will absolutely be planning more quiet retreats like this one, we also recognize the need to include men and offer something beyond a self-guided get-away.

Plans are already in the works for a summertime retreat that includes optional activities and workshops designed to inspire and motivate you on your creative path. We've already got a workshop host and a kitchen staff booked and are in talks with a beautiful facility. Stay tuned, it won't be long before we're rolling this out. Spots will be limited so you'll want to get booked in early. If you want to be notified when this goes live, let us know in the comments below and we'll put you on the first-to-know list.

Get in on the planning! Join our Blank Spaces Event Talk group on Facebook and help us brainstorm future events. 

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