Introducing Haley Down, Guest [Fiction] Editor for the March Issue

by - Monday, January 07, 2019

When Pamela, assistant editor and fearless networking queen, found herself in conversation with Haley Down, a third year Knowledge Integration student at the University of Waterloo, it didn't take her long to connect Haley back to us at Blank Spaces. Though Haley's program covers many things—formal logic, environmental ethics, gender equity, critical thinking, computer science, and creative writing to name a few—it's become apparent to Haley that her main passion lies in writing and she is seeking ways to explore writing careers and gain understanding about the publishing industry.

Not only did Haley assist as a judge in the last Write Prompt Challenge (where she provided insightful and constructive feedback), but we've enthusiastically invited her on as a guest fiction editor for the March issue, with the potential of bringing her on to future issues as well.

We are passionate about building community and perpetuating print publication in Canada and we can do that, not only by publishing the work of passionate creatives, but also inviting future publishers/editors to hang out with us behind the scenes. We may be small, but we have learned a lot and have a lot to share, and we're so excited to do that with Haley.

Haley Down, guest editor

Haley Down is a bookworm, a lover of road trips, sustainable fashion, and vegan doughnuts and a hoster of board-game nights. Her study of Knowledge Integration at the University of Waterloo is fuelled by musical soundtracks. Words are her jam, and she laughs with anyone willing to share their favourite stories.

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