We've Changed Print Companies: Here's What You Need To Know

by - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Back in June we made the decision to leave our regular print company* for one that was more Canadian-friendly. This wasn't a decision made lightly as we were very happy with the quality of our magazine — and we know you were too! We were not willing to give that up. Happily, a new provider came to our attention and after much research we decided it was worth the risk to switch. And, while it was not without trepidation that we awaited the arrival of our second anniversary issue, it is with great joy and relief that we can announce this latest issue is of the same high quality you have come to expect from us, maintaining its high-end look with a semi-gloss cover and vibrant printing on matte velvet-finish paper.

The only noticeable difference is a slight increase in the size (we've gone from a 8.25"x10.75" format, to a true 8.5"x11" format) and there is no printing on the spine. Both are changes we can live with because it keeps our tax money out of the pockets of a greedy American government, allowing that cash to stay right where we want it — here inside our own beautiful country!

All this being said, UPS just dropped off a big box of our latest issue and we'll be busy tonight and tomorrow getting your shipments ready so they can be on their way to your door before the end of the week!

If you have any feedback about this change — especially after you've received your copy — please let us know using the comment form before, or through email via our contact page.

*Please note: In order to continue offering print-on-demand for those who wish to purchase back issues or who missed the pre-order deadline, we are maintaining a relationship with the previous company. Their interface is very user-friendly and makes managing this service almost zero work for us. Any copies purchased through this interface will be at the original size of 8.25"x10.75".

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