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by - Friday, May 18, 2018

from the editor - Look How Far We’ve Come

shameless - Our Soft Underbellies by Katerina Eleftheriou explores the ways we can lose pieces of ourselves to new relationships.  
- A Practice for Sharing by Stephanie Karakochuk Hardy takes us into Baba’s Kitchen where we become participants in the timeless Ukrainian art of making pyrohy.

flash fiction - Sweet Caporal at Dawn by Mitchell Toews puts us on the dock with our fishing gear, as we learn how to bait a hook and roll tobacco from a master.
- Words for a Friend’s Headstone by Cindy Matthews shows that, even in death, friendship is a bond that remains unbreakable.

different strokes - Falling into a New World by Sara Niroobakhsh explores the fear and pain of immigration, through a collection of paintings inspired by personal experience.

red solo cup - Personhood by Joy DeVito was inspired by a moment when the author stepped outside her black and white upbringing to discover she found more comfort living in the places of “in between”.
- In her poems, Remember How, and Orchid Petals, Gail M. Murray reflects on love gained and love lost
- In her poems, Interior Person, No Lingering Light, and Form, Caitlin Jans explores themes of femininity, motherhood, and spirituality.

fiction feature - Had I Known by Ilham Alam takes an emotional look at the one left behind following an attack by a suicide bomber.

more than words - In Kid’s of Summer, photographer, Julia Nathanson invites us to the lake, where summer reigns and children play from dawn to sunset.  

make art not war - By creating three-dimensional representations of things that normally possess no physicality, artist Nate Nettleton, hopes to engage onlookers in thought, conversations, and consideration. 

between the lines - Gail M. Murray takes a close look at the memoir of Canadian author, Mandy Len Catron, in   How To Fall in Love With Anyone. 

write prompt challenge winner - The Man on 24th Street by Matthew Eliot takes the provided write prompt image into deep questions of mortality.

final word - An Open Letter to My Children, In Case They Have Forgotten by Patricia Manale is a tender reminder to be true to oneself and never stop reaching for your dreams.

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