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by - Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Blank Spaces Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2018

Featuring the work of 
Sharon Barr, Simon Broder, Richelle Forsey, Beverley Hopwood, Tony Kicinski, Alan MacLeod, Nicole Moss, Gail M. Murray, Olivia Sapp, Tsara Shelton, Susan Siddeley, Lori Twining

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from the editor
Spring IS Coming

I’m Not Afraid of Kevin Reese by Tsara Shelton explores the power of kindness and the unexpected ways a small gesture can make a major impact.
Learning Languages by Beverley Hopwood discusses the joys and frustrations of learning Portuguese and then putting those lessons into practice while travelling.

flash fiction
Moments by Simon Broder takes us to a party where we watch the narrator as he interacts with and judges the various people who cross his path.

Something to Think About by Tony Kicinski is a satirical look at the literary community and asks important questions about the anatomy of ‘true’ creativity.

red solo cup
Dedicated to a Friend by Olivia Sapp is the poetic expression of feeling penned after a hard conversation.
In her poems, Starting Out, New Bag, and Getting There, Susan Siddeley gives a glimpse into the mind of a writer.

different strokes
The Canvas Gardens of Sharon Barr brings us up close and personal to this abstract artist as she shares a glimpse into her process, her vision, and her studio.

fiction feature
Ken & Beth: A Love Story by Gail M. Murray invites us to watch the whirlwind romance of two theatre-loving performers as they navigate a passionate relationship.

more than words
In Artifacts of Photochemical Processes and Light on Film, Guelph Ontario photographer, Richelle Forsey steps out from behind her camera to play with the effects of chemicals and light on film, resulting in something unexpected and stunning.  

make art not war
Employing traditional cut-and-paste methods, award-winning artist, Nicole Moss creates colourful and imaginative collages from stacks of old magazines.

between the lines
Gail M. Murray takes a close look at the memoir of Canadian author, Glenn Dixon in Juliet’s Answer.

write prompt challenge winner
Necessity by Lori Twining invites us to see the dark world of an underground fight club through the eyes of a frightened child.

final word
A Child’s Soup by Alan MacLeod is a fictional story that reads like truth, exploring the power of storytelling and the rich flavour it can add to our lives if only we stop and listen.

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