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by - Friday, December 01, 2017

From the Editor

as featured on page 7 of the December 2017 issue

l-r: Heidi Eastman, Alanna Rusnak, Michelle McLaughlin, Pamela Hopwood
Blank Spaces would be nothing without the support of its team, and this month, instead of my normal ‘look how far we’ve come’ bit, I’m going to write a love letter for the women who have helped ‘how far’ become a true reality.


You are the colour in my literary endeavours. You have stood by me, picked me up, given me some good old atta girls, listened to my dreams, and joined me in adventure. As a highly independent introvert, it’s unlike me to allow others into my interior world, but what a happy blessing that you’re the ones who pushed your way in, adopted my heartbeat, and support the load of this vision on your brilliant backs.

You try to say you don’t do much, but understand this, you do everything. What you do allows me to do what I do, and together that has created this beautiful thing called Blank Spaces. There are many things I love about the community this little magazine is cultivating, but the reason it exists at all is because you helped me break the ground. You are the pioneers. We are the First Family of Blank Spaces!

We may not change the world, but you have changed mine. The rich friendships we’re cultivating, your artistic integrity, and the way you’ve embraced the vision of Blank Spaces as your own—I couldn’t ask for anything else.

You are my partners, my sisters, my friends. Thank you for your generosity and your sacrifices. Thank you for pouring strength into me. Thank you for loving this project. Thank you for standing by my side. We are the antitheses of our own title, because girls, with you there isn’t even a hint of emptiness. My cup runneth over.

        —Alanna Rusnak, Editor in Chief

Blank Spaces - December 2017
50 pages, published 12/2/2017
Volume 2, Issue 2 - Blank Spaces is a celebration of Canadian talent, featuring the work of artists—writers, painters, photographers, poets, etc.

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