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by - Friday, November 10, 2017

We are so pleased to announce the winner of our fifth Write Prompt Challenge! 

Congratulations to Brian Austin of Walkerton, Ontario, on his winning story 'From Frozen Torpor'.

As a reward 'From Frozen Torpor' will be published in our December 2017 issue.

Brian Austin and his wife live in Walkerton, Ontario. They have three grown children and nine grandchildren. Retired but actively volunteering in a number of roles, Brian has published articles and poems, a book of poetry, Laughter and Tears, and the novel, Muninn's Keep. He is a contributing author to three of the Hot Apple Cider anthologies. His idea of a perfectly furnished room is wall to wall bookshelves, a large aquarium, and a comfortable chair with an excellent reading light.

Brian has appeared in past issues of Blank Spaces with his pieces 'An Author's Reflections' (March 2017) and 'The Pathology Lab' (December 2016)

The photo prompt:

From Frozen Torpor
by Brian Austin

Noise – voices argue – intrude – weep – plead.

“It’s time to pull the plug. It’s been six weeks. You have to pull the plug. You have to let him go.

Meaningless words, but they drag me up, back into the pain. Voices echo and throb inside my head.

“Listen!” I shout. “Leave me alone. Let me go.” The voices continue as if I had not spoken. The darkness beckons. The cold whispers a promise. But the voices will not release me.

I know that one voice. I feel the tears drip on my face. Something soft and warm brushes my lips. I feel a hand, hot – burning against me.

Another voice, saccharine – false sweetness – soft, but intrusive, hateful. My sightless eyes picture a witch, cackling as she sucks blood from my veins to fill her cauldron. “Get her away!” I shout. But no one listens. 

To catch the rest of the story, order your copy of the December 2017 issue

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