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by - Friday, September 01, 2017

From the Editor

as featured on page 5 of the September Issue

Welcome to the Toddler Years

It’s hard to believe I’m writing this piece for the anniversary issue. One year. Whew! To say I’m proud would be a gross understatement. I am thrilled, amazed, humbled, and all the other positive words I’d list here if I didn’t feel the pressure to write something more profound.

Much like my own experience as a mother, I feel this intense sense of relief having made it to this milestone. One whole year of keeping an infant alive, of waking up through the night to make sure she’s still breathing, of holding her close to my chest, of saying no to things that intruded on my quality time with her. There are people who are wired for raising a baby, people who revel in those newborn coos and sweaty cuddles. As much as I wanted to be that kind of mother, I found myself desperately waiting for the time my babies became full people apart from me. I didn’t mourn first steps or the introduction of solid foods—I danced a little jig!

So here we are. One year old. Walking. Talking. Personality developing more each and every day. Blank Spaces is becoming less about me and more about the people that it was conceived to serve and I can’t think of a more beautiful thing.

If you’ve been here from the beginning—thank you! If you’re just hopping on now—thank you! Every single one of you are invited to co-parent with me as we continue to watch this little seed grow into a tree that shelters and supports Canadian creatives.

Come along as tentative steps become a confident stride.

Now go, grab a piece of cake and your beverage of choice, and curl up with this special anniversary issue. Your willingness to give of your time to read and appreciate the great work that has been submitted from all across Canada is the greatest birthday gift Blank Spaces could hope for!

         —Alanna Rusnak, Editor in Chief

To purchase the September Anniversary Issue, follow the link below
Blank Spaces - September 2017

52 pages, published 8/22/2017
Volume 2, Issue 1 - this special anniversary issue of Blank Spaces is a celebration of Canadian talent, featuring the work of artists—writers, painters, photographers, poets, etc.

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