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In the September Issue:
Featuring the work of Trisha Causley, Dawn Edgcumbe, Jennifer Ellis, Anne Lee Guide, Leslie Hill, Pamela Hopwood, Mary Kainer, Larry Kozloff, Raumne Luminaire, Carly MacIsaac, Judith A. Mason, Gail Murray, Neal Panton, Jenny Parsons, Nicole Schroeder, Vicki Smith, J.J. Steinfeld, Richard Weiser

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from the editor 
Welcome to the Toddler Years

Dancing with Rita by Jennifer Ellis whisks us back to those insecure days of high school, when nothing was more important than the attentions of that special someone. Present as a script, it captures the humour and horror of those days with an easy brilliance that's sure to entertain
Scum by Leslie Hill recounts a heavy experience of exploitation, exposing the harsh reality of mid-life dating, insecurity, and fear
Death by Offence by Larry Kozloff is a vulnerable recounting of a traumatic childhood experience, the scars left behind, and the incredible power of moving forward.
Not An Emergency Where does one go for solace? How does one practice patience when waiting for a diagnosis? Nicole Schroeder shares the terror experienced when a body turns against its host.

flash fiction
Bride by Trisha Causley writes us into a little city apartment where we watch a woman seek a sliver of happiness as she tries on her wedding dress.
Blank Face by Anne Lee Guide puts us in the halls of the dying, exploring the feelings of watching a loved one disappear before they've even breathed their last.

red solo cup
The Final Masquerade by Dawn Edgcumbe explores the way we choose to hide out true selves behind masks and what it means to finally let that go.
Carly MacIsaac shares a little taste of her world-view through three powerful untitled poems.

different strokes
Toronto Artist Vicki Smoth in Conversation with Erin Saunders, curator for the Bau-XI Gallery. Explore some of Vicki's artwork and get to know the woman behind the paintbrush. 

fiction feature 
Gregor Samson Was Never In The Beatles by J. J. Steinfeld leaves us questioning what is real and what is a dream as we journey from a writing workshop to a jail cell.

more than words
Lifelines, by Neal Panton uses a high resolution copier to erase gender, age, and nationality proving that we are all inherently the same.

food of love
In Roots and Roll: Lindon Stone has Soul, staff writer, Pamela Hopwood, introduces us to the man behind the music and what the future has in store for him.

make art not war 
In Coming of Age, artists Mary Kainer, Ramune Luminaire, and Judith A. Mason collaborate on an artistic exploration of what it means to be a sixty-year-old woman in the world today.

between the lines 
Gail Murray takes a step beyond her regular book review column and brings us a closer look at a Canadian author in Inside Jennifer Robson

write prompt challenge winner
Pleats by Jenny Parsons unpacks a simple image with a profound punch. 

final word/story matters 
Using poetry as his vehicle, Richard Weiser shares a tiny glimpse into his world with It Is Or It Isn't and My Daughter's Laughing Face.

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