Second to Midas

by - Friday, May 19, 2017

As found in Volume 1, Issue 4

Second to Midas by Jason Grunn

I’ve always enjoyed the morning dew in the sand, but only when it’s frozen. I like the crunching sound, pleasing to the ears. Walking with the proper footwear helps. Bare feet, frozen water droplets, sand. And don’t forget about the rocks. Rocks don’t like bare feet. Frozen rocks hate bare feet.

I’ve been on many beach walks; for their sun, for the steady beat of the waves breaking on land. The giant grey fluff of clouds covers the sky, the water with waves not as plentiful. I like it better this way. The environment has proven to be consoling in stressful times. Especially with an uncertain date coming up.

The crunch beneath my step sends therapeutic sensations reverberating up my shins to my knees. The frozen morning dew will be more enjoyable if you have common sense in regards to your feet. On the ocean shore, you can’t be too careful.

So I wear rubber boots...


JASON GRUNN is a graduate of the Sociology program at Mount Royal University, a lifeguard, and a freelance writer. His passion for writing and reading science fiction drives him to make novels in his spare time, while learning everyday how to become less attached to all labels through his spiritual practice as taught by Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now, and a New Earth. Once a resident of Calgary, Alberta, he now resides in Cochrane, discovering new places and people alike.

Learn more about Jason on his Facebook profile at facebook.com/jason.gwozd or send him a message through his gmail account at gwozdjason@gmail.com

Blank Spaces - June 2017
44 pages, published 5/22/2017
Volume 1, Issue 4 of Blank Spaces is a celebration of Canadian talent, featuring the work of artists—writers, painters, photographers, poets, etc.

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