Our March Gold Medal Winner

by - Saturday, May 13, 2017

We are so pleased to announce the winner of our third contest!

Congratulations to Tanya MacIntosh from Calgary, Alberta on her winning story, 'The Yellow'. Using the provided image of two people walking down a dirt road, Tanya constructed a moving tale that impressed our judges.

As a reward, The Yellow will be published in our June issue.

What the judges had to say:

"The journey...offers a nice mix apprehension."

"Excellent imagery, clear without being bland or blatant."

"The opening line is beautiful...it sets the stage for the entire (piece)."

The photo prompt:


by Tanya MacIntosh

My first memories are wrapped in yellow. We picked dandelions from our front lawn and she braided them into necklaces, bracelets, or crowns to wear on our dark brown hair. The wind blew them away or they would unravel and fall to wither, littered amongst those we hadn’t picked. Our eyes squinted in yellow sunshine, transferring the panorama landscape to letterbox. As my fifth birthday came and went, the fields turned to yellow as the wheat grew taller than my little body. There was always a yellow quilt to curl up in at night. The handmade doll that never left me had yellow woolen hair.

She’d say things like, “You and me, kid. Partners in crime-fighting.” Or, “Did you see that star? It fell out of the sky to make a wish on you.” She was always in my sight, always holding my hand or touching my head. Her grip on my hand or wrist would be tighter when we went into town or if cars pulled into our driveway. She would tuck me behind her legs and tell people I was shy.


To catch the rest of this story, order your copy of the June 2017 issue.

Tanya MacIntosh holds a BA(Hon) in Creative Writing and Religious Studies from York University. She has lived and studied in Toronto, Quebec City, Jerusalem, and Calgary which is now home. Her two dogs generously let her and one of her best friends share the house with them.

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