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by - Monday, March 06, 2017


We put out small teasers about these cute little notebooks but now they're ready to be set loose upon the world, collecting ideas, capturing inspiration, soaking up the ink of a thousand thoughts...

blank spaces notebook collection

Not only will these 6x9 notebooks provide you with 100 pages upon which to spill your incredible ideas, they also include the complete Blank Spaces annual calendar to help you keep track of free submission periods and pre-order deadlines AS WELL AS our full submission guidelines.

They are currently available in four different colours BUT we'd be more than happy to make one in any colour your heart desires (for a small, additional fee).

Want one in every colour? See below to learn how you can save up to 30%

There are a few options for purchasing:

  1. Buy directly through Blank Spaces
  2. Purchase through Amazon (potentially saving on shipping)
  3. Meet us at an event and purchase directly


Select Your Notebook
Colour Request (custom order)
You can expect delivery 4-6 weeks following purchase.
Shipping is an additional $3 and will be applied at checkout.
Interested in multiple copies? Contact us to receive a discount. 
(2 copies = 5% off; 4 copies = 10% off; 6 copies = 20% off; 10+ copies = 30% off)
When selecting Custom Colour, please find your colour of choice on this Colour Chart and include the HEX # in your request. Alternatively, use words like dark, light, rich, pale.

blank spaces notebook collection
TO PURCHASE THROUGH AMAZON (save on shipping if your order is large enough) (prices below are listed in US funds) : 

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