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by - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Last fall we crammed into a little red Chevy Sonic and took the long highway to the city to check out Word on the Street 2016. The day was gorgeous, the atmosphere was electric, and we wandered the booths saying over and over to one another: we have to be here next year!

At the time we had just released the first issue. I carried it around with me that day, tucked in my bag, ready to pull out the moment someone showed even a glimmer of interest. It was hard to be confident — we were like first-time mothers who weren't sure how to burp a baby — but we were hopeful. We were starry-eyed kids, determined to be the exception, determined to beat the odds and persevere.

And we have. By the time the next festival comes along we will be a whole year old. We will have five issues to brag about!

What we don't have is money. Because we care more about sharing Canadian stories and art than making a bundle we have exactly negative 500 bundles...which means anything beyond the actual magazine gets paid for out-of-pocket.

We're not complaining. Remember, this is a heart project, meaning we have and will continue to invest our own money into the continuance of this vision. But there is a limit. And there is also value in humility and asking for help. AND, when you invest in us, it affirms our vision and gives us energy to keep this machine running.

blank spaces at word on the street 2016Here's the hard truth: Festivals cost money

We estimate needing about $545.00 to make it all happen...and that's not even including things like inventory or printing banners for the booth.

  • A HOTEL FOR FOUR: $200.00
  • FUEL: $40.00
  • FOOD: $100.00 (we have intentions to brown bag our lunch, but we'd love to end our day with a nice dinner together)

Why is a festival valuable?

  • Thousands of people attend - that gets our magazine in front of a lot of eyes with great potential for expanded readership
  • Networking opportunities with some of the biggest names in Canadian literature
  • A great team-building experience for our crew

Every little bit helps! If you believe in the vision of Blank Spaces and want to help us get the word out, this is the perfect opportunity and we would be wildly grateful for your generosity!

blank spaces team


Alanna Rusnak is an author, a blogger, and a seeker of the extraordinary. Living with her husband, three children, and an overweight cat (who's kind of an idiot), on a small patch of untamable land in Southwestern Ontario. Trying to do it all with some measure of grace.
(She is also the founder and Editor-In-Chief of this pretty little magazine!) [author website, twitter, facebook, instagram]

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