From the Editor - September, 2016

by - Thursday, September 01, 2016

as shown on page 5 of Blank Spaces Volume 1, Issue 1 - September, 2016

http://blankspaces.alannarusnak.com/p/meet-editor.html When the inspiration for Blank Spaces struck I found myself heady with anxiety: would people actually care? What a thrilling surprise to learn that yes, in fact, they do! Canadians are hungry for content that reflects who we are and what we stand for, and I am beyond excited by the great pieces that came across my desk as I sent out feelers, looking for talent and collaborators.

One of my goals in this venture was to create a platform that is open to people just testing the waters with their craft. The encouragement I can administer by saying yes to a newcomer may birth a bravery within someone looking for a future in their chosen art. I count that an incredible privilege and I’m proud to be able to offer a space in which potential can be groomed.

This is only the beginning. I’m thrilled you’re here, holding this heart-project in your hands, dedicating your time to read and enjoy the work of some amazing artists.

I’m excited to see how far we, together, can take Blank Spaces.

        Alanna Rusnak—Editor in Chief

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Blank Spaces - September 2016

Blank Spaces Magazine: Blank Spaces - September 2016
Volume 1, Issue 1 of Blank Spaces is a celebration of Canadian talent, featuring the work of artists—writers, painters, photographers, poets, etc.

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