Dreams are free but bringing them to fruition is not. The production of a magazine isn't cheap. It takes a village to bring a flighty thought into tangible reality and we would be honoured if you would be the one the help keep Blank Spaces in production.* Not only does your donation keep our own costs down, it goes a long way towards affirming the value of the work we're doing.

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Your support, our affirmation - considering making a donation towards the good work of Blank Spaces magazine
* Blank Spaces is not a non-profit organization - though we are a no-profit organization. As a startup venture our expenses far outweigh our costs and it is our hope, with your from-the-heart-generosity, that we can lessen some of our personal financial burden, bringing you beautiful content while still putting food in our children's mouths. Your donation will not go towards buying us a trip to Italy or a pet monkey for the office or fancy magazine executive clothes (who are we kidding - we're sitting at a dining room table in yoga pants right now!) but it will go towards the cost of printing, shipping, web hosting, program upgrades, and yes - the occasional cup of coffee.
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