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OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Blank Spaces Volume 1, Issue 3 - March 2017

Featuring the work of 
Nancy Allan, Brian Austin, Jennifer Ellis, Allen Forrest, James Langford, Jennifer Lavallee, Hannibal lecture, Gail Murray, Amy Pepin, Garth Pettersen, Tsara Shelton, J. J. Steinfeld, Nick Vanderzwet, Janet Youngdahl


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Nutella and Chesterfields by Jennifer Ellis

A Beautiful Dissonance: Bach and the Art of Conflict Resolution by Janet Youngdahl

In The Library with Norma Jeane, June 1, 2001 by J. J. Steinfeld

Cities in Books - a waste of words: on learning they are not by Tsara Shelton


from the editor 
Three’s Not a Crowd, it’s a Family

Nutella and Chesterfields by Jennifer Ellis recounts the struggle of immigrating to Toronto from California as a twelve year old; the long days spent with her grandfather, her hesitant introduction to Harvey’s breakfasts’, and how an insatiable crush on Joe McIntyre of New Kids on the Block helped to carry her through.
Cities in Books by Tsara Shelton revisits the Toronto of her childhood, using the soundtrack of her youth to take us with her as she skips school and seeks out stories, realizing through her memories that the power of description is not just for poets and artists after all.

flash fiction
New Life by Jennifer Lavallee explores the circle of life with a haunting poetic flair.
The Plea by Amy Pepin brings us to the mountaintop, entangling us in a world of feuding horses.

red solo cup
Ceramic is the Twilight Zone by James Langford reminds us that memory can exist in a still life object.
My Morning Friend and Timeless Tire by Nick Vanderzwet; catching inspiration through his camera, Nick shares thoughts encouraged by the images he snaps.
Garden of Ice by Nancy Allan; after a walk through the Toronto Botanical Gardens following an ice storm, Nancy penned these words, inspired by the magical effect of the sun shining through the icy branches.

food of love
A Beautiful Dissonance: Bach and the Art of Conflict Resolution by Janet Youngdahl takes a deep look at the not-so-hidden conversation going on within Bach’s prolific instrumentation.    

fiction feature 
In the Library with Norma Jeane, June 1, 2002 by J. J. Steinfeld leaves us wondering, who is this mystery women in the Halifax library? 

make art not war 
Honest Conception: on the street with Hannibal Lecture gets down to brass tacks with the B.C. poet, exploring his approach to writing and his no-holds-barred philosophy on creative living. 

write prompt challenge winner
Smoke and Pathos by Garth Pettersen takes the write prompt image to dark and unexpected places. 

different strokes
Throughout our pages, Vancouver artist Allen Forrest shares one of his newest collections with us, New World Order Blues, lining his political sketches with a bluesy hue. Meet him on page 37 where he explains his passion for art.

between the lines 
Gail Murray brings us a review of the captivating memoir, Home First by Canadian author, Susan Siddeley.

final word/story matters 
An Author’s Reflection by Brian Austin, shares the vulnerable truth of his writing reality: the lack of income, and the paradox between times of intense inspiration and times of frustrating blocks.