With the release of every print issue of Blank Spaces you will find a new challenge posted inside the back cover—an image-based Write Prompt Flash Fiction Contest! We try to choose images that might inspire stories that could go in any number of directions. One of the most exciting things about this challenge is seeing the different ways people interpret the same image—we love diversity!

OUR CURRENT CONTEST~ deadline October 10, 2017

The rules?

  1. Write a piece of flash fiction (up to 1000 words) using the image above as inspiration. The winner will be published in the next issue of Blank Spaces. Honourable mentions will be showcased on the website. 
  2. Submit to with 'Write Prompt Challenge' in the subject line. (There is no fee for this submission)
  3. Deadline to enter is October 10, 2017.
  4. Open to all Canadians.

The prize?

Publication in the December 2017 issue of our magazine and a complimentary print & digital copy.

The judges?

Judging is done by a panel of (at least) five volunteers, ranging in age from 15 - 65. Names and any other identifying markers will be removed from entries before submission to the judges. Judging is based on a number of different criteria (pacing, use of language, uniqueness, etc.) through which a points system will be applied. Judges act as individuals and make ratings based on their own opinions. Points will be tallied when they submit their results. Highest score wins.

[For a complete look at what judges are basing their scoring on, CLICK HERE]

If you have a print-ready image you'd like to see used as a write prompt for one of our challenges, contact us and send it along — we'd love your input!

If you would like to volunteer as a judge during one of our sessions, drop us a line and let us know, and we'll call on you when we have a space available (obviously, those who enter the contest cannot be judges themselves).

Thank you to everyone who faced our June challenge and sent along your hard work!

First Place & publication in our September 2017 issue: Jenny Parsons with Pleats.

Second Place & a feature on our blog: Sheri Flaconer with Ella May.

Third Place & a feature on our blog: Andrea MacArthur with Wrinkles.

Our March 2017 challenge winners:  
First Place & publication in our June 2017 issue: Tanya MacIntosh with The Yellow.

Second Place & a feature on our blog: Jessica van Der Heide with The Long Walk.

Third Place & a feature on our blog: Heidi Eastman with Breathe.

Our December 2017 challenge winners:  
 First Place & publication in our March 2017 issue: Garth Pettersen with Smoke and Pathos.

Second Place & a feature on our blog: Crys Wiltshire with Chain Smoking into the Night Air.

Third Place & a feature on our blog: Vivian Medeiros with Calm Before the Storm.

Our September 2016 challenge winners:
First Place & publication in our December 2016 issue: Geraldine Mac Donald with The Clubhouse Blues.

Second Place & a feature on our blog: Amy Pepin with Spark of Life.

Third Place & a feature on our blog: Kevin Jackson with The Pink Potion.

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