A Better Life This Time

Volume 1, Issue 2 - December 2016

A Better Life This Time by Sue Corke

The Kathouse was a cheap hostel set in a natural landscape on the hippie trail in Katmandu, Nepal. Jamie and I were about as middle-class-post-sixties as you could get, but we had a vision of ourselves as free of materialism and worldly obligations. We were playing at being hippies. We were quasi hippies. We were English kids headed to Aussie; the only country that would take us, Canada having politely demurred. And we had family in India—or at least Jamie did—who would give us hospitality and a base for our wider travels. We were using the money my father had given us on our wedding day to put down on a house. We didn't believe in mortgaging our lives away—or at least Jamie didn't.

Many things happened while we were in Katmandu. I kept a daily journal, written in that peaceful garden...

Sue Corke is a retired public servant who has wanted to write since she was twelve, and now, finally has the time. Her favourite subject for her stories is her strange old life. In the past three months she has written over thirty-five memoir snippets, but will need to change the names if ever they are to be published! Some of them should never be shared with anyone! Primarily Sue is writing for herself, and if it amuses others, that is a lovely thing! She came to Canada in 1972, met a good man, and has Canadian children and grandchildren.


Blank Spaces - December 2016
48 pages, published 11/22/2016
Volume 1, Issue 2 of Blank Spaces is a celebration of Canadian talent, featuring the work of artists—writers, painters, photographers, poets, etc.


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